What We Specialized

We helps you to build your dream home according to your budget and explain how to cut unnecessary expenses. Build your House with the latest technology and materials of the best quality. We also undertake government contracts. We build your dream home in your own land or you can build your home in our land in Meegoda area.
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Chairman’s Message!

Welcome you all. Our aim to provide you better service with maximum strength and durability cost effective, high quality buildings. In all our building constructions work we use well planning procedure, feasibility study and choose most reliable methods for all construction works. Therefore no mistake or fault regarding any projects.We used latest technology for our construction works. We are happy to say that our clients 100% satisfied about our constructions. As a consequence of that we are proudly announced 2012 National Awards for Building Constructions, we received humbly.Our future aim is provide you more quality service (Strong, High Quality, latest technology using suit to your budget).

Our Mission

Leader of innovative concepts and designs to radically change the construction industry in the universe.
To provide high quality products and services to customers through integrity and best practices.

Vision for the World

To be the best in the Construction field in the world, new concepts in designs and improve new technologies to get
good quality and cut down unnecessary expenses.

Our Services

  • Construction Mamangement
  • Logistics Managemnet
  • Supplier With Constructions Materials
  • Build Houses
  • Large Buildings
  • Factories & Government Buildings

Extra-Ordinary Royal Mansions
By Edirisinghe Homes Shoot By Hiru Tv Team

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